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Music || Lucky One -- Dancia [ Prod. by Don Beat ]

Lucky One -- Dancia

Few months after dropping his debut single  " Sisi Eko ",the reggae/dancehall Artiste, Lucky One has deemed it timely to drop another jamz titled " Dancia ". The song captures the mentality of the average Fans , hustler and entrepreneur on the streets of Lagos State .

Lucky okhinaye, the Edo state indigene has been growing up with the passion for music , the raggae/dancehall sensation shows his versatility and smoothness in this new track Produced by Don Beat

Download ... Dancia by Lucky One.Mp3



The most anticipated season in the entertainment industry; Hennessy Artistry, is officially back this July!

Celebrating the world’s premium cognac brand with amazing music experiences, the biggest music artistes and the most promising talents, this season brings with it the most exciting innovations and events’ line up.

Since 2009, the Hennessy Artistry platform has become an integral part of Nigeria’s social fabric – creating iconic moments and collaborations within the Entertainment Industry across various music genres

In the spirit of Hennessy’s tagline - The Art of Blending, this year’s Artistry will be a fusion of the best of Nigeria’s musical talent from the mouth –watering selection of the nation’s hottest rappers to the upcoming acts that will battle for this year’s VS Class crown. Our Headliners include a line-up of musical royalty who will thrill audiences across the country during our Club tours and Artistry concerts.

Strap yourself in for a breath-taking ride as Hennessy brings the best of Nigerian Artistry to your cities and screens.
“Hennessy Artistry has always been the benchmark entertainment platform in Nigeria. This year, we intend to exceed all expectations: delivering unforgettable consumer experiences. For the first time in Artistry history we'll be holding Live auditions for VS Class S IV to accommodate more of the teeming rap talent we have in the country" – Oluwole Awoleke, Brand Manager Hennessy & Spirits

You can join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #HennessyArtistry2017, #HennessyCypher & #HennessyVSClass

Hennessy Artistry is proudly supported by Trace TV, The Beat 99.9 FM

Facebook: @hennessynigeria
Twitter: @hennessynigeria
Instagram : @hennessy_ng

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Starting an eCommerce platform in Nigeria is not easy! At a minimum, anyone going into it will have to deal with the following issues

1. Setting up a website including domain names, SSL, servers etc
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4. Deal with customer care issues
5. Figure out pay on delivery and credit card processing issues.

The good news now is that a new platform called Commissions.ng just launched and they have completely removed all barriers to starting an eCommerce platform in Nigeria. Here are some features Commissions.ng brings to the table
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Businesses and industries all around the world today have come to open their arms to truly accept the Blockchain technology as a ground breaking evolution, that has come to stay and will have a huge impact on businesses that are still stuck with traditional ways of providing

Nigeria has one of the largest economies in sub-Saharan Africa and has been on the global map as a crypto-compliant nation but has never
engineered any blockchain innovation. Today Nigeria is joining the rest of the world to launch its own blockchain Technology.

AbjCoin is the First Nigerian Blockchain solution for global payments, it promises to bridge the gap between Africa and the rest of the world,
blockchain Technology wise.

The AbjCoin uses a special algorithm, the POW/POS to secure the blockchain network. The moment you acquire AbjCoin core PC software, it becomes an interest bearing asset with 15% return per year through the POS mining. All you have to do to earn with this method is to hold coin in your AbjCoin core wallet.

The Abjcoin is currently running its initial coin offering ICO of 9 million AbjCoin (9,000,000 ABJ) that will run through till the 30th of
September 2017 at 50 cents ($0.50).

After a successful ICO, The AbjCoin promises great innovative and revolutionary change to Africa’s digital assets space, which includes
developing a successful Auto trader Bot and exchange to fiat currencies in Africa, listing AbjCoin in 3 major international exchanges, coin market cap and integrate merchants for both online and offline stores to accept AbjCoin.

One of the major developments AbjCoin ICO sales will help birth is the establishment of a Blockchain institute in Africa. We believe that this
institute will bring the best heads in the blockchain industry to help students take advantage of the industry to foster a pan African economic
and infrastructural development. The official launch and press conference for Abjcoin has been slated with the details below:

Date; 15th September 7, 2017
Venue: Grand cubana, 6 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, off Mike Akhibe Street, Jabi,
Abuja Nigeria
Time: 11am prompt
Register for free at www.Abjcoin.org/event/
We strongly believe that the Abjcoin holds a lot of promise and will
foster trade, ecommerce, banking and educational development.
For more info about visit https://www.abjcoin.org
Block Explorer : www.abjcoin.io 
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Follow ICO sales: www.abjcoin.org/ico

How Couples Can Enjoy S*x - Evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi

Veteran Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi has offered interesting advice to Nigerian couples on how to build their chemistry in their relationships.
Eucharia Anunobi
Nollywood leading lady turn Evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi who has turned her social media pages to a channel that she uses disseminate the word of God to her fans and followers has delivered her first sermon for the month of August were she charge Christians to pray and open their inner man up so they can live a more fulfilling life.
The Star of “glamour girls” and Abuja Connection” says there is no need to stay on a job when you have nothing to show for it ‘if you are working somewhere and there is nothing to show for it, why are you still there?
The Lady Evangelist touched on romance and Christianity when she wrote “you are in a relationship for three months and you cannot tell if it is leading to marriage what are you still doing there?” and you are in a church and you cannot comfortably say you are growing to know Jesus better , why are you still marking time.”
The issue of s*xuality in Christian marriages is always a hot topic with high profile adultery cases making their way to the media once in a while. Eucharia, offered couples a solution that will prevent cheating.
Her solution, “you are married, you feel your husband or wife is not romantic, instead of complaining call your spouse and talk things over, teach each other what and how you like it. Instead of getting involved in an illicit relationship”. Her sermon concluded.
Eucharia was officially ordained an evangelist on Sunday, 5 Febuary 2012, at the Fresh Oil Ministry International, Egbeda Lagos by Pastor Psalm Okpe.

Oil Mogul, Ifeanyi Ubah Spotted With His Rolls Royce at a Wedding Event (Photos)

South-eastern billionaire, Ifeanyi Ubah reeked of class and opulence as he attended a social gathering recently with other powerful figures.
Ifeanyi Ubah (on white) on arrival
The Chairman of Capital Oil, Ifeanyi Ubah,who recently returned to the country - was today spotted with his enviable Rolls Royce at an event in Oraukwu area of Anambra state where he attended a marriage ceremony.
The business mogul was in attendance with the Minister of Labour and Employment; Dr. Chris Ngige, Senator Andy Ubah and other high profile dignitaries as Chief Odunukwe Charles; Okemmili Oraukwu gave out his daughter in marriage.
Ifeanyi Ubah has endured turbulent times with the Department of State Security in recent times after the state owned oil company - NNPC accused him of diverting litres of fuel amounting to N11 billion.
See more photos:

BBNaija: Tboss Lands Leading Role in Nollywood Movie

33 year old Tokunbo Idowu who is of Nigeria and Romanian descent is set to take Nollywood by storm with a lead role in a high-profile movie.
Tokunbo Idowu
Ex Big Brother Naija contestant and President of Boss Nation, Tokunbo Idowu's first lead role in the movie title 'Sleeved' has been described as a success.
TBoss is acting alongside prominent faces like Dan Ugoji, Grey Ojefua, Diana Egwuatu and so on.
The beautiful and controversial lady has continued to excel above her colleagues in the Big Brother Naija reality show despite not winning the N25 million cash prize.

I Helped Kcee When He Was Broke - Harrysong

The crisis between Harrysong and his former 5 Star music labelmate, Harrysong is far from over as evident in recent statements made by the Alterplate record label boss.
This time last year, Kcee and Harrysong would easily have been listed as one of the closest duos in the music industry, but that no longer holds true.
The erstwhile friends and partners no longer see eye to eye.
At a recent show in Warri, Harrysong sang, “They sued me in court. Kcee said I’m not supposed to record. I reminded him that when Kcee was broke, he came to me to help his career. I may not have a father and mother, but I have talent. You can take everything from me but you cannot take my name. Favour is my name”
When Sunday Scoop contacted Harrysong to find out why he delivered such lyrics on stage, he simply said, “It is what it is. I have the freedom to say whatever I want to say and I don’t think I have committed any crime. I was simply enjoying the moment on stage and having a good time with my fans. Meanwhile, I did not say anything that is not true.”

Five Dangerous Routes to S*xual Satisfaction

S*x could be fun but it also entails some mind-boggling dangers that one should pay attention to, to prevent landing in difficulties.
File Photo
Regardless of complexion, belief and even race, one could safely assume that human beings’ response or behaviour when in a sensual mood is almost the same and the feeling unrivalled by any other human activity.
And coupled with the numerous hormones released into the body at that moment, it explains why some people lose composure, some could be shaking, some skip breadth and in some cases, the heartbeat shoots up rapidly.
It is out of this gripping excitement and ecstasy that people do whatever crosses their mind to have that needed satisfaction. And in certain instances, they abandon the normal s*xual intercourse to explore other ways, all in a bid to reach that needed destination.
Perhaps, exploring other options is in tandem with a famous quote by one of the most popular poets in the 17th century, William Cowper, who said, “Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour.”
The things people do include oral s*x, anal s*x, masturbation, watching p*rnography and having s*x with a woman even while she is menstruating.
Clearly and undoubtedly, some of these aforementioned s*xual activities could make people reach climax and eliminate one of people’s worst s*xual fears – unwanted pregnancy. But beyond that excitement, studies have shown that each of those s*xual activities have varying inherent dangers in them.
Thus, it is imperative to point these out.
Oral s*x: While people who don’t do it consider the act as very irritating and largely repulsive, people who ‘do’ it or ‘receive’ it are wont to describe it as a nice experience and great shortcut to s*xual satisfaction. It used to be an act performed by prostitutes, but findings have shown that couples now do it and women are twice more likely to perform it on men than men doing it on women. However, people who do it feel there is no possibility of getting sexually transmitted diseases, but studies have shown that it has a high risk of transmitting certain STIs – bacterial and viral infections.
The National Health Services in the United Kingdom identifies the STIs that are commonly caught through oral s*x to include gonorrhoea, syphilis and genital herpes, which is a viral disease that affects the skin, often with blisters, or the nervous system. Apart from these, infections like Chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis A, B, and C, genital warts and pubic lice can also be passed through oral s*x, but with less likelihood. Medical News Today, a leading health care publishing company in the United States, has however warned that infected persons might not know on time that they have been infected.
Also, the Chief Medical Officer, American Cancer Society, Dr. Otis Brawley, has revealed that it is possible to get throat cancer from oral s*x, especially if the person the act is being performed on is infected. “It’s not oral sex, per se, that causes cancer, but the human papillomavirus, which can be passed from person to person during sex, including oral sex,” he said.

Anal s*x: This simply means sex through the anus, and it is one of the things people do when they are sexually excited. Usually, it is done by homosexuals, a man or woman stimulating another person’s anus using the mouth or tongue, maybe out of excitement, or a man doing backdoor action with a woman. Even though this practice has been condemned by many, some still do it. Notably, it is a veritable way of transmitting STIs.
However, experts have pointed out that the anus has a large quantity of bacteria, being the channel for the passage of faeces. While these bacteria at the anal area may not be harmful to the person, the person doing ‘it’ could contract infections through the penile penetration. The situation gets really worse if after the anal sex, both persons resort to vaginal sex. Experts say it is like importing infections directly into the v*gina, which could lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections. And for those who use mouth, it was also revealed that they stand the risk of hepatitis.
According to NHS, the STIs that could be contracted through anal s*x include Chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, HIV and syphilis. And for those who insert their finger into someone’s anus, NHS said STIs could also be transmitted through that. Other verified effects of anal s*x include anal cancer, severe physical pains, given that the lining of the anus is thin and can easily be damaged, leading to bleeding or sores. Another effect is anal leakage, occasioned by the penetration, which in turn weakens the ability of the sphincter to contract and hold faeces. Thus, such persons experience loose release of gas and stool. In certain cases, they are advised to use pampers, so faeces won’t fall freely from their anus.
Masturbation: This is when people give themselves sexual pleasure by touching, rubbing or stimulating their genitals or sexual organs for orgasm. Findings have shown that not only singles do it, married persons also indulge in it, for obvious reasons. While people who do it boast that it rules out contracting STIs and that fear of unwanted pregnancy does not even arise, which, to them, makes it a safe practice, studies have shown that masturbation has its side effects as well.
Apart from the fact that frequent or rough masturbation could cause irritation and cause the penis to rupture, lose shape and become swollen, some studies have shown that it could lead to fatigue, blurred vision, hair loss, memory loss, pain in the groin area and premature ejaculation (for men). More importantly, it has been found to, over time, cause exhaustion and low s*x drive with the opposite s*x because it is very addictive and the pleasure derived from it does not last for a long time, like that of s*x. Perhaps, the most serious implication for men is that it causes seminal leakage, in which case sperm would be coming out (freely) from the penis. In the absence of quality personal hygiene, such persons might have to battle with odour in that region.

P*rnography: This involves printed materials, movies, pictures and magazines that show or describe n*ked people or s*x in a very open and direct way in order to cause s*xual excitement. Watching or looking at these items is another way people seek to boost their libido and reach s*xual satisfaction. This seems like a ‘harmless’ activity that does not have any link with infection or unwanted pregnancy – people’s worst s*xual fears – but it has been found to have its side effects. Some German researchers found that watching p*rnography, which is addictive, could damage the person’s brain, as it could alter the brain’s structure and functions. They found that watching p*rnography leads to the release of more dopamine, which causes the brain to be desensitised to its effects and, in effect, reducing decision-making capability.
The lead researcher, Simone Kuhn, pointed out that with the use of magnetic resonance imaging scan, it was discovered that the volume of gray matter in the right caudate of the striatum was smaller among frequent p*rn viewers than those who didn’t watch. Overall, she said brain changes were noticed between people who watch pornography and those who don’t. “These brain changes are similar to those seen in cocaine addicts, who develop abnormalities in areas, such as the nucleus accumbens and striatum, which are responsible for learning, memory, pleasure and reward,” she added.
As an activity that is against the social norm, it has been found to breed low self esteem, and on the other hand, impair the sexual functionality of such persons as it is very addictive.
Having s*x with menstruating woman: It is not unusual for women to have increased libido during menstruation, but there have been debates as to whether it is safe to answer that ‘call for a romp in the sack’ at such times or better not to do it.
According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, it is very possible to contract STIs during this period, adding that virus could be present in the menstrual blood. Also, a medical practitioner, Dr. Rotimi Adesanya, said ordinarily, there should be no contraindication for having s*x during menstruation, but that persons that have Hepatitis B and C, HIV or other venereal diseases are at a high risk of contracting infections, given the volume of blood at such times.
He added, “You know there are some religious reasons why people are told not to have sex at such times, but beyond that, those are the other risk factors associated with s*x at such times. And that is why we encourage such people to exercise patience.”
However, people who are bent on having s*x with their partner at that time should use condom to reduce the risk. Perhaps, this is particularly useful for men who detest using condom while making love to their “own” partners.

I Can't Slow Down No Matter the Setback - #BBNaija Winner, Efe, Drops Video for 'Based on Logistics' (Watch)

BBNaija 2017 Winner, Efe a.k.a Efe Money, has shared his real life encounters in the official new visual of his banging hit, "Base On Logistics". Watch below!
On set of Based on Logistics
Winner of 2017 Big Brother Naija reality television show, Efe Michel Ejeba, popularly know as Ede, has released the official music video of his street single, “Based on Logistics”.
The track which is his first official single since winning the reality TV show, was produced by his friend and personal producer, Duktor Sett, and was premiered on MTV Base on Friday night.
The video was shot on locations in Lagos with cameo appearances from Effyzzie Music Group act, Geniuzz, Nigerian television host, Denrele Edun and fellow BBNaija housemates.
While speaking in an exclusive interview with Premium Times,  Efe, who revealed that he is set to embark on his “Based on Logistics Tour” round universities in Nigeria, disclosed some details about the new video. 
Here are the excerpts:
You recorded “Based on Logistics” before you shared the official audio and video for your rave single “Somebody”. Why did you decide to wait this long to premiere the video for the former?
My plan was to release “Based on Logistics” and its video before a new single and video, but based on logistics, it didn’t happen. Being that I don’t know how to slow down no matter the setback, I decided to release another single and video pending when the director of  “Based on Logistics” would deliver.
There is an undeniable chemistry between you and Duktor Sett. Are you planning on using any fresh hands for future projects?
For now, it’s more projects with Duktor Sett because we have a lot to offer to the world and we just began.
This track is a more conscious tune; what inspired it and what reactions have you seen and heard from your teeming fans so far?
Yea, I released it three weeks after the house so I was in that mind space. Also people wanted to hear what I had to say and it’s best I inspire them with my words and my story. So far the video has helped in the interpretation; people now connect with the song more from the visuals and expressions.
Watch he video below;

Nollywood Actor Exposes High Rate of Homos*xuality and Prostitution in the Industry

Jude Orhorha
Actor, Jude Orhorha, has been in the Nigerian movie scene for over two decades but shot into prominence with his role as a deaf and dumb in rested soap, Checkmate and subsequently, sitcom, Fuji House of Commotion.
Even though he has been in the industry for such a long period of time, his impact has not been felt in recent times like it was in the 90s when he started out in the business.
In a chat with Saturday Beats, he hinted that most of the prominent entertainers are not on his level. He revealed that most of the entertainers making waves today gained prominence via other means.
He opened up stating that during the course of his career, he has been approached by cougars and gays.
“I know what some actors and actresses did to gain the fame that they are enjoying now. Some of the men in the industry are gay while the women sleep around and that is why I am not bothered about where I am today. When it is your time, it is your time. Some entertainers are opportunist while others are born lucky. Omotola was born lucky from day one; her first character was a lead role. Some people marry for money and not love. That is why I am not really bothered because some of the guys are gigolos. They do not make their money from the movie industry but from the gigolo business. I cannot do such because I have a name to protect. In the 80s when I started this business, none of them was anywhere to be found. I have seen it all and I refuse to join them. Gays have approached me but I declined their offers because my anus is an exit point and not an entrance. The same thing with sugar mummies but I refused to accept their proposal because I cannot sleep with married women. I believe in karma. If it does not happen to you, it would happen to your generation.”
He added that when he started out as an actor, the profession was not fetching as much money as it does now till the media began to hype the profession. He further stated what irks him about being in the limelight.
“How much were we being paid in the past compared to what we are earning now? When we started, the money was not really there and that is why we were more interested in the show and not the business because there was no money.

“There is another thing called ‘packaging’ and that is what I am against. I am not saying that entertainers should not package but they should do so according to their means. Some ‘package’ to the extent that they borrow people’s cars and clothes. It just doesn’t make sense. Some people ‘package’ till they run into debts and then when the money comes, they clear the debts,” the actor said.

The Attention I Get Because of My Big Boobs is Annoying - Woman Cries Out

A young lady has gone on an epic rant on social media about the struggles of having big boobs in a hilarious video gone viral.
File photo used for illlustrative purposes only
“The amount of unwanted attention I get because of my boobs is just sad, exhausting, annoying, and not fun,” a woman has complained on YouTube.
She goes on an epic rant about the struggles of having big boobs in a hilarious video.
Noting that she has recently gained weight, she says the weight has boosted her already large bust from a 28FF to a mammoth 30H bra size.
But where some women would be delighted with the natural breast enlargement, the woman, Hannah, is less thrilled by the prospect.
Hear her: “Any time I mention that when I’ve gained weight it goes to my boobs first or anything about having big boobs – I get a lot of response from people saying: ‘I wish I had big boobs. You’re so lucky.’ “No, no you don’t. I genuinely hate these comments. Stop it, you don’t understand,” she laments.
She warns, “Having big boobs sucks, because that’s what I know about and dear God, does it suck!”
Despite the popularity of a larger bust, Hannah argues that the physical logistics make carrying the extra load difficult.
Hannah explains: “I have an extremely bad back, I crack it and click it and everything is heavy.”
In addition to these struggles, she says, buying underwear is more difficult as your size increases.  “The thing about bras for big cup sizes is you can’t get them in shops on the high street.
“You just can’t get them anywhere except from specialist brands and specialist shops and they are ridiculously expensive,” she laments.
In addition to the hunt for the elusive larger cup size, Hannah points out that buying the matching bottoms presents issues of its own.
She says: “If you have ever dreamed or wondered what it was like to have a matching bra and knickers set, just get rid of that dream.
“Because you’re in a specialist shop it means they charge you a f*** tonne for the underwear to match the really expensive bra you just bought.”
It’s not just underwear that poses a problem for the 25-year-old, her everyday clothes do too.
She says: “Clothes don’t fit me. Clothes aren’t made for me; clothes are made for skinny tall models with no boobs.”
Disgruntled Hannah says the reaction of those around her also puts her off her busty frame.
“The amount of unwanted attention I get because of my boobs is just sad, exhausting, annoying, and not fun,” she cries out.

Nollywood Actress, Regina Daniels and Mother Rock Bum Shorts in S*xy New Pictures

Regina Daniels and her mother
The young Nigerian actress and her beautiful mother are currently rocking North Carolina, United States of America where they are holidaying.
The similar bump shorts rocked by the light-skinned actress and her mother has caught the eyes of social media users. Regina shares a striking resemblance with her mom.

The beautiful actress dropped the picture and wrote: "When you have a twin as your mother #creamyyo #reginadaniels #creamysquad #creamyq"

I Feel Like I'm Home - Neymar Says After Being Unveiled as a PSG Player Following Move from Barca (Photos)

Neymar speaking at his unveiling
Neymar has been unveiled by new club Paris Saint-Germain following his world-record £198million move, saying he wanted a 'new challenge', according to Dailymail Sports.
The Brazil striker has swapped Barcelona for Paris in a record-smashing deal - he cost over £100m more than the previous most expensive transfer - and has signed a £500,000-a-week, five-year contract.
Neymar said he had not been sure over his future for a long time but had been convinced to move by the other Brazilian players at PSG. He also said he had not moved in order to be the biggest star at the club, although he did not give an exact reason for wanting to leave Barcelona.
At a press conference held on Friday, Neymar said: 'The club has a very similar ambition to mine, I want a bigger challenge. My heart made this decision, that is why I am in front of you today to help this team.
'Being a star did not impact my decision, it is down to me wanting to find a new challenge. I am looking for something new. This is what PSG want, and they deserve it.
'I leave a lot of very good friends behind, but that's football. You make friends wherever you go, and that's the main thing. It was the right time to leave and look for something different. Being the most expensive player is not a burden, I am happy.
Neymar shakes hands with PSG's Qatari chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi at his presentation
'I spoke with Brazilian players here at PSG, and they were happy for me to be here. I feel like I am at home already.'
Neymar said he was saddened by criticism from some Barca fans after deciding to leave and that while he respected the Catalan giants he had the right to seek a new challenge.
'Two days ago I informed the coach, he was the first to know, I respect the club and the coach,' he said. 'I am very happy with my decision, I am excited.
'I've done nothing bad, I never lack respect to the fans, I think every player should be allowed to stay or leave a club. When a player thinks it is right to leave, they should be able to leave.'
Neymar also said he was motivated by playing for the PSG 'project', rather than being tempted by any individual players, which he was when he joined Barca from Santos.
'I signed for Barcelona and one of the main things was to play with (Lionel) Messi,' he said. 'Here it is the club, the PSG project, all the members of the team.
'I want to write history here at PSG. There are new challenges, the biggest is the Champions League, but we want all possible trophies.'

[Music] Dale - Faded @itzdaleofficial

Its a very short rap song... Dale cover to the hit song Faded by Alan Walker. you should check this out.

Heartbreaking! Neymar Bids Farewell to Barcelona and Messi in Emotional Video as He's Welcomed by PSG

Neymar has posted an emotional goodbye message to Barcelona on social media explaining his decision to leave the Spanish side for a new challenge with PSG in France
Neymar speaking in the video
Brazilian football superstar, Neymar Jnr, has posted an emotional video in which he he bids farewell to Barcelona, saying he went against the advice of his father in making the decision to move to Paris St Germain, adding that "in my heart" it was the right move.
He pledged to help PSG "conquer the titles" the fans crave after completing a world-record £200 million transfer to the ambitious French club.
Neymar singled out Lionel Messi as "the best athlete I've ever seen in my life". He said; "I'm sure I will never see another like him while I'm alive. Leo Messi became my freind on and off the pitch. It was an honour to play with you."
Explaining his reasons for leaving a club and city that he loves, he said "an athlete needs challenges".
"And for the second time in my life, I'll contradict my father. Father, I understand and respect your opinion, but my decision is made and I ask you to support me as you always do. Barcelona and Catalonia will always be in my heart, but I need new challenges."
The 25-year-old said PSG "showed me a daring career plan - and I feel ready to take on this challenge". He said;  "I will work hard to honour all the trust placed in my football. Barcelona, gracias per tot! Paris, j'arrive!"
PSG fans prepared to welcome him to Paris on Thursday evening.
Watch the emotional video below;

I Wish I Am A Graduate - Reminisce

Nigerian indigenous rapper, Reminisce has opened up on the importance of formal education with an encouragement to up and coming acts to get lettered.
Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, aka Reminisce
Rapper, Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, aka Reminisce, has achieved quite a lot with his music career. He has a huge following and he is also a brand ambassador for some reputable companies.
However, the Kako bi Chicken crooner is not entirely happy; he wishes he was a graduate.
Speaking to Sunday Scoop about the music industry, he said, “For anybody who wants to make a career out of music, you have to be sure that you are skilled and that it’s something that you can do sustainably; if not, go to school. Either ways, it is important to go to school, whether you go into full-time music or not. I actually regret not being a graduate.”
Speaking about how he has been able to shield his personal life from the public, Reminisce said, “I always keep my private life private as I believe that I have the right to my privacy. There is a very big difference between Reminisce, the artiste, and Remi, the family man. I thank God because I’m comfortable and I don’t need validation on social media. I don’t have to put everything I own on social media so that people would know that I have arrived. Inasmuch as I’m not begging anybody for food, it’s all good. Instead of flaunting material things, I prefer to invest in people.”
Apart from music, what else does he like to do? The Angelina rapper said, “I am interested in politics and I see myself becoming a politician in future. One is not going to do music forever and I need to plan my life properly. I also love to engage in business, so I see myself doing a lot of that too.”

Kanye West's Mental Breakdown Linked with Marijuana by Insurer

Insurer of American rapper, Kanye West has declined to pay him a sum of $10 million over issues relating with Marijuana intake.
Kanye West
Kanye West's tour insurer Lloyd's of London claims marijuana may have caused his mental breakdown late last year. 
The rapper is suing the insurance company, claiming it is refusing to pay him after he was forced to cancel shows in November last year.
According to legal documents Lloyd's suggest marijuana may have led to Kanye's mental health issues in a bid to invalidate the performer's insurance claim, according to The Sun.
The 40-year-old is asking for $10million in damages, claiming the company has yet to pay him out for his cancelled shows. 
Furthermore, he claims it has shown no signs it intends to pay him, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The Gold Digger rapper first filed a loss claim with the company just days after famously suffering a mental breakdown in November, which saw him cancelling 21 dates for his shows.
Kanye checked into a psychiatric hospital as a result of the breakdown, but more than eight months later, he's claiming both he and his company, Very Good Touring, Inc., still haven't been paid.
His company said in a legal document filed on Tuesday that insurers have yet to pay and is 'implying that Kanye's use of marijuana may provide them with the basis to deny the claim'.
Almost immediately after being hospitalized, Kanye's physician provided the insurance company with sworn testimony he was unfit to take to the stage.
According to the complaint, the insurance company then sought to amend the terms of its coverage in an effort to avoid paying him out. 
'Immediately turning to legal counsel made it clear that Defendants' goal was to hunt for any ostensible excuse, no matter how fanciful, to deny coverage or to maneuver themselves into a position of trying to negotiate a discount on the loss payment,' the suit states.
Following his breakdown, Kanye also submitted to an independent medical examination (IME) with a doctor selected by the insurance company, who also deemed him unfit to perform.
He also presented for an examination under oath (EUO), along with at least 11 members of his team. The lawsuit also accuses the insurance company of leaking damaging information about the star to media outlets, all in a bid to avoid paying out his insurance.
Among the information he claims is being leaked includes his alleged drug use, which Kanye and his team have branded 'irrelevant facts'.
Kanye's lawyers have come out swinging, saying this should serve as a warning to any other musician considering hiring Lloyd's of London.
'Performing artists who pay handsomely to insurance companies within the Lloyd's of London marketplace to obtain show tour 'non-appearance or cancellation' insurance should take note of the lesson to be learned from this lawsuit: Lloyd's companies enjoy collecting bounteous premiums; they don't enjoy paying claims, no matter how legitimate,' lawyer Howard King writes in the suit. 

'Their business model thrives on conducting unending 'investigations', of bona fide coverage requests, stalling interminably, running up their insured's costs, and avoiding coverage decisions based on flimsy excuses.' 

'The artists think they're buying peace of mind. The insurers know they're just selling a ticket to the courthouse.' 

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